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Despite trying to fool me into believing it, Byron Bay singer-songwriter Kyle Lionhart is not actually a unicorn.He’s more like one of those indie-folk types who write fricking beautiful songs like On My Own. Released back in October 2014, the track picked up ONLY 10,000 plays on SoundCloud in a WEEK. He’s since played Falls Festival in hometown Byron Bay and sold out copies of his EP left right and centre while touring WA. We need to know more now.  Continue reading “WHAT’S UP | KYLE LIONHART” »


Folk-Rock duo Winterbourne absolutely blew my mind at Mountain Sounds Festival. Maybe it was the ukelele? Maybe it was the enigmatic stage presence they bought to the Unicorn Stage? Or maybe just maybe it’s the fact that these guys have something special about them that no one on this planet can deny. That’s why it’s so exciting to know that these guys are going to be hitting the road very soon on their first ever headline show across Australia.

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Starting out as a one day music event way back in ’05, festival organiser Paul Abad has since steered the Earth Frequency Festival to becoming a massive four day transformational extravaganza sprawling over the beautiful Ivory’s Rock area in Queensland. The festival hosts an eclectic range of both local and international electronic outfits and DJs as well as performance artists and at the centre of the festival a Frequency Village where festival-goers can experience transformations. Continue reading “FRONT ROW | EARTH FREQUENCY FESTIVAL” »


“Oh, a new Editors track!” That’s what I thought as the guitar introduced itself, then the bass and drums started. I became confused because it sounded like Lars Ulrich had joined in on the drums along with Jason Narducy adding his bass playing expertise. Finally the vocals cut in and I realised that Paul Smith from Maxïmo Park had lost his Geordie accent. But then I removed the preconception-hat I’d been wearing and quickly discovered that what listening to Wasting Time, the new single from The Phantoms. While initially sending mixed messages, the song quickly gets into its stride and wonderfully collides all the disparate parts into one glorious whole. Continue reading “THE PHANTOMS | WASTING TIME” »


Has Christmas came early? I feel like it must have if the elusive and angelic voiced Brisbane songstress Montgomery has just announced her first ever live shows. Montgomery will be hitting the road for the first time visiting the east coast of Australia, starting in Melbourne before Sydney and Brisbane. Performing a line-up of intimate shows for her first run on the road,  Montgomery will be joined by some hand picked local talents including Tabrill, Jordan F and Leaks.

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