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A front bar band playing rockabilly was the most misleading beginning to what the vinyl launch of Lisa Salvo’s album I Could Have Been A Castle had in store. They were pretty good mind you, but you couldn’t have a starker difference between their music and the bands I had come to see in the bandroom of the Gasometer. Continue reading “FRONT ROW | LISA SALVO VINYL LAUNCH @ THE GASOMETER” »


I remember the first time I watched and discovered Playwrite. I was sitting at one of my most loved boutique music festivals, The Hills are Alive, and Sunset was about to occur. But for a moment on that afternoon it seemed that even the sun would pause for the presence of Playwrite. Cemented there throughout the entire set with my mind entirely blown resulted in a complete and utter daze during the sunset after and, fair to say, I’ve been one of their biggest fans since. I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time, it took them three years to complete, let me introduce you to Cathedrals

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Through the masses of Australian electronica producers that have presented themselves through the past years, revived by the explosively accelerated stardom of Flume, approaches an artist who’s vibe stands out from the rest. Lower Spectrum comes from the same label that has most recently brought us Sable and their new track Proxima is just the first taste of what will be the New Haze EP.

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Friday the 20th was one of the hottest days that Sydney had encountered in 2015. Legitimately, several times during the day I felt like my skin was melting off me, even at one point I had to remove my watch which had became super heated and was searing my skin. But as the sun faded over Sydney and a cooler breeze graced us, I filed into the cramped Danceateria at Goodgod Small Club, buzzing with excitement and ‘yass’ing at every opportunity I could because finally I was going to see sassy vetch JOY. headline a show.

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