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Little is known about the enigmatic, studio-dwelling producer Medium Punch. What we do know is that he goes by Jake Leahy in hometown Melbourne and vocalist Matt on the Moon is the Robin to his Batman. A few months ago the two teamed up for “Time Lord“, a jazz infused slow burner that was Medium Punch’s first release. The formula remains the same on new track “Blue Sea Dwellers“: almost five minutes of meticulously crafted sounds, with more layers than an onion or a parfait, that make themselves at home in your subconscious and invite their mates around to jam until 4 in the morning. That is actually a lot of information, the question should be: why haven’t more people heard Medium Punch? Continue reading “MEDIUM PUNCH | BLUE SEA DWELLERS” »


At BigSound we had the pleasure of catching up with HALF of The Creases for a bro down. Such lovely, polite young men. We chatted about their relationships, their limousine status, and we were  having such a good time that the pants just had to come off. We also found out that they are powerful psychic sorcerors. PROOF! Checkmate atheists.

You can catch their mindbending music and psychic powers at The Blurst of Times in October. Continue reading “BIG SOUND BRO DOWN | THE CREASES” »


With his mixed bag of instruments and household items Owen Rabbit is at it again – creating tunes in his tiny sardine room packed full of gear. This time he is emerging with a dark, desolate tune titled “Violence And Degradation”, which explores the themes of childhood and addiction. Even though Owen’s coming in from a completely different step than his pervious songs he completely nails it. Simultaneously it’s like nothing he has ever made before, yet still holds that familiar feeling with original elements that carry on throughout all of his creations. The repetitive humming from the start to end of this tune takes you on an anxious journey where he discusses hard times, drug abuse, foster care and other topical issues. The song builds to a strangely intense and yet almost harmonious, resolute ending. Owen’s music really takes you through a cycle of emotions. Continue reading “OWEN RABBIT | VIOLENCE AND DEGRADATION” »


So full disclosure I had never been to one of Andy Bull’s live shows before so I was not really that sure as to what to expect from the night. So when he took to the stage all dressed in black with his hair slicked back and accompanied by a band a whole lot of sass it only took two songs for me to surrender myself to the music and realise just how great Andy Bull is live.

Continue reading “FRONT ROW | ANDY BULL” »


This is a letter to all of you out there that are fans of SEMPLESIZE! (I know you’re out there somewhere!)

So we have some pretty rad ass news! The cool kids in the blogsphere just asked us to join their crew network. Yep! We feel like those high school kids just waiting to be picked for the sports team and then, out of the blue WE DO! We’re so honoured to be a part of the VICE Blogging Network. It’s like all our Christmases have come at once. Continue reading “WHY HELLO VICE!” »


Following the release of sweetly brooding track Sugar from their sophomore EP, Neo-psychedelic songsters Hollow Everdaze release second single Ominous. Riding the flow of psychedelic rock seeping into bandrooms across Melbourne, Hollow Everdaze deliver an atmospheric beauty. With distorted violins, jangly guitars and a sorrowful vocal from Daniel Baulch, this track evokes the sense of something fearsome yet morose. The last fading few seconds are marked by a piercing violin solo offering a bittersweet final touch of gorgeousness. Continue reading “HOLLOW EVERDAZE | OMINOUS” »