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Our favourite glitchy beat-making trio from Melbtown  I’lls have released the film-clip accompanying their hit tune Fifty-Phiphti. After watching the first few seconds of the clip I instantly think of the sun and the way that it moves and reacts whenever you see a close up on a TV doco (could also resemble an out-of focus close up of lights through at tree… those are my impressions). Continue reading “I’LLS | FIFTY-PHIPHTI (video)” »


No, I’ve never been on an acid trip on the streets of Ireland; but by the looks of the video for Seance Of Light from local guy Jape, it’s seems like quite the ‘interesting’ experience. Hailing from the Emerald Isles, Jape has made a name for himself in his homeland and is now firmly setting his eye of getting his music out to the rest of the world, and from the vibe of this track he shouldn’t have any problems.

Continue reading “JAPE | SEANCE OF LIGHT” »


The night of the 19th February saw Perfume Genius – the stage name for Seattle-based solo artist Mike Hadreas – performing his final Australian gig at The Brightside in Brisbane. It was an utterly refreshing gig for me, swinging wildly between soft piano ballads and staggering, filthy art rock. Hadreas is a real character and comes across in a very genuine and warm way, casual and familiar with his audience. It was a real treat to watch him just disappear so completely into his songs. I almost said ‘performance’ but, while it was a very entertaining and engaging set, it didn’t feel so much like a performance as it felt as though we had all been invited into some intimate little tryst, privy to Hadreas exploring himself with his art. Continue reading “FRONT ROW | PERFUME GENIUS” »