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Like a cross between PJ Harvey and Kim Deal, Ali E walks her own path. Hailing from Melbourne, her songs sound like she has let music and events soak into her neurons throughout her life, creating a turbulent mix of 90s post-rock and magic summertime vibes. We Are Strangers starts with a simple two-string riff that will stick in your head, then moves swiftly on before quietening down for a laid-back verse with minimal guitar; a deep, dark bassline; and some whispering drums. But before you know where you are, We Are Strangers mugs you with a noisy pre-chorus lasting not more than a couple of heartbeats before it fades back into the verse, leaving you wanting some closure. Continue reading “ALI E | WE ARE STRANGERS” »


See if you can take your eyes off  Slum Sociable’s video for Anyway. Apart from enjoying the gorgeous soundtrack courtesy of Mordialloc’s filthiest lo-fo, washed out, jazz-hop animals; you’ll find yourself enchanted by a troupe of coloured figures dancing around a fountain. If all the sad news is getting you down, Slum Sociable’s new video will certainly lift you up. Watch.

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Who’s the most dapper young gentlemen in all of Maitland; if not all the whole of NSW? Well, that would have to be Just A Gent of course! From remixing some of the biggest tracks to being featured by none other then EDM god Skrillex, this fine young man with his coat and top hat is one of the best-dressed dudes dropping beats at the moment. Oh and he’s just turned 18! To celebrate, we’re all invited to his four-week long Birthday Party!!!! Taking some time away from planning the celebrations and surviving the recent NSW floods; this young gent took some time to answer some question for us.

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A few weeks ago we wrote about Golden by Szymona young musician who lost his battle with depression at age 23.  Our Alex wrote, “Golden plays through your mind, flittering around like a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon. On first play of the track, you can glimpse a moment of hope and joy amongst the songs’ workings that brought a tear to my eye.” With a gorgeous new video just released, Golden now has a powerful new dimension added to the story. Check it out.

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