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Following up from their debut mixtape release Saturday Morning Cartoons in January 2016, Ali Belmont & The Delivery Boy are back with a sequel; a rhetoric whirlwind of emotional scandal: The Ghost LP.
It’s most definitely apparent that the duo have captured the attention of hip hop/rap lovers across Melbourne, with a musical focus that typically includes familiarity within the scene of Melbourne’s West. Intensity spurs in the darkest of spaces with a sonic soundscape and influence of late 60s soul guitar, rap as well as rock amongst the midst of turmoil.

Typically, a clear pin point of Belmont lyrics rage against something, but also with his deepest emotions in alignment; Anxiety, depression, frustration and loneliness. All emotions which, of course, everybody has experienced. This is what makes each track so profuse and enticing, the duo have an ability to uplift even when the situation is not called for, or is in fact, calling for the complete opposite. Their ability to allow a flow within a juxtapositional story will spark emotions you didn’t even know you had. Crazy.

Tracks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Smoke emphasises Belmont’s vocals. He demands attention, no matter which angle of the room it’s coming from. Team this with alienated synth sounds and production by The Delivery Boy and I think It’s safe to say that the pair will soon be bringing the ruckus into the hearts of all who are not familiar with them.

Ethereal synths, metal sounding drum tracks, insane guitar shreddin’ and extreme juxtapostional calamity within the enirety of one man’s vocal chords all bind each and every individual track into a gut wrenching monolgue full of amazing conspicuous thunder.

The Ghost LP is out now you can stream or purchase it here.

Katy Maximos