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Enjoy watching Sex On Toast going ‘Countdown’ on lucky lady Oh Loretta! Directed by filmmaker Yoav Lester (Hopium – Right Now, Start Options Exit), this retro back-to-the-70s style vid features the undeniably sexy Sex On Toast; a troupe of glammed-up dancers and none other than the legendary host of Countdown himself, Mr Molly Meldrum. We were lucky enough to catch up with the Sex On Toast lads, as well as Lester and Mr Meldrum himself to chat all about it. Continue reading “BEHIND THE SCENES | SEX ON TOAST” »


You know that awkward moment when you mishear the lyrics in a song, and then you tell the artist how much you love those wrong lines? Yep, that happened to me when talking to the legendary Phoebe Baker from Melbourne indie-pop six-pack Alpine. The laughs were on me, but I didn’t care, because I’m foolishly attracted to Alpine (NO MATTER WHAT lyrics they sing). Chatting all about new album Yuck, the spectacular vid for Foolish and their upcoming National Tour; Baker sets the record straight on all things Alpine for this obviously confused writer.

Continue reading “WHAT’S UP | ALPINE” »


When Prince tells you to keep working on your rock direction, you’d best take his advice. After an epic week long stay at that palace of music royalty, Prince’s Paisley Park; Melbourne’s Harts was pretty happy to do so. Especially since Prince confirmed something he’d already suspected, watching punters lose their minds over his Hendrix-style guitar breaks had given him a few obvious clues. Writing EP Breakthrough with a clear focus on channeling the Princely advice to bust out his guitar and make it rock, Harts has also created a lyrical context exploring personal and political change. We asked Harts, AKA Darren Hart, a couple of questions all about it. Continue reading “WHAT’S UP | HARTS” »