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It’s getting a tad chilly out there now that we’re moving into May, it’s starting to get into the season of rugging up and chilling indoors. But if the cold doesn’t deter you there’s definitely one item that you’re going to want to be sporting this coming cold season… a Bomber Jacket, and lucky for your the folks over at General Pants Co.  have a great selection to get you sorted.



For years, the classic high neck sweater has been a staple for every woman’s winter wardrobe. It’s cosy, it’s warm, and it can be adapted to fit every woman’s individual style. Whether you prefer a cool street wear vibe to your outfit; or have a classic, sophisticated style; you should have at least one high neck sweater hanging up in your closet. When you break out the sweater this winter, try out this trend for a whole new look. Leave your hair tucked in when you put your high neck sweater on, loosen a few strands around the front to frame your face, and you have just effortlessly achieved one of winter’s most stylish trends.

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On average we spend 4 hours either standing or walking a day. That’s 28 hours a week, 112 hours a month, 1344 hours a year that we spend in uncomfortable and sometimes impractical footwear in the name of style.  Well ladies, this is no longer a struggle thanks to the new footwear label on the block, Radical YES.

Radical YES is the ultra-stylish and comfortable brain child of yoga practitioner, designer and art lover, Kerryn Mosiciki. Launching only last year these shoes are becoming increasingly popular. They are the perfect combination of fashion meets active. Radical YES are shoes for the ladies that like to move.

Outside they look like awesome booties but on the inside they are so much more. The removable leather foot bed features a padded sole that you would usually only find in an athletic shoe. This provides optimum comfort for the wearer – remember to always look for the distinctive yellow sole so you know you’re getting the right pair of shoes.
Intuition and experimentation has led to their exceptional design. Thinking outside of the box, they are made from unique textiles and construction techniques. Radical YES use quality materials mixed with tweaks that provide lasting durability. Think, metal clasp on your laces so they last forever, and a double capped rubber outsole on the heel so your shoes will be in perfect condition for years to come.

Whether you are a fan of monochrome polka dots, leopard print, fluorescent paint splatters or something more down to earth, there is a Radical YES shoe for you.


Considering Roc Boots refer to themselves a movement, not a trend, I’m cautious to comment on just how on trend their Autumn/Winter 14 Collection actually is. But whatever. This season’s line by Roc has nailed it so well it would be rude not to call it trendy.

Not stepping too far out of the realms of what we’ve seen on the catwalks throughout summer season and in turn on every young girl’s feet, chunky platforms are here to stay. Roc’s line has vamped winter up with heavy duty shapes and a whole lot of bad ass attitude. We’re talking all the bells and whistles or at least all the zips, buckles, straps, leather and laces. With the majority of the line being bold and black, it’s great to see a bit less white for winter. However if you do like the white platform then you’ll love the mermaid shimmer and sparkle they’ve added.

The greatest thing about this line? Roc has taken inspiration from those stylish peeps in Harajuku and Shibuya, adding an almost gothic revival to those 90’s shapes and styles and carrying sky high heels to much more wearable designs.

We highly recommend this season’s line up to the ladies that want to stomp all over the norm and rebel a little.