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With the release of their long awaited debut album Tremolow we sent some questions off to The Creases to find out more about the album, their upcoming tour, and what’s in store.

How does it feel to release your debut album?

I’ve gone through just about every emotion there is leading up to the release but have settled on just being excited and very proud of it all in these last weeks which is great.

What has recording and releasing Tremolow been like compared to when you released Gradient?

I feel like we were a completely different band when we did Gradient. That was the first time any of us had even been in a studio to record and then release anything properly so we’ve obviously grown a lot since then. Tremolow was a completely different experience to record not only because there were so many songs to consider at once than an EP but because we all felt like we were really in a comfortable place as musicians and a band to record it. In terms of how many instruments and layers there are in Tremolow compared to our earlier music there was a lot more work to get done as well. My favourite thing to do is just keep adding layers and weird synths so it was hard to call it quits and say it’s done.

Coming back nearly three years after the release of Gradient did you feel like there was extra pressure to regain relevance in the scene?

We were definitely a bit wary of that with such gaps between releases but we felt like we did a pretty good job at staying in the peripherals of most people by touring lots and releasing a single every now and then leading up the album. You only get one shot at making a debut record so we just wanted to take our time with it.

You’ve recently supported Bad//Dreems and Two Door Cinema Club, two very different bands, how was it playing with them both?

They were both obviously completely different but both amazing fun to do. The Bad//Dreems guys really couldn’t of been nicer and more inviting to us on tour and we learnt a lot from how they perform and bring it on stage night after night. We didn’t really talk to anyone too much from Two Door except for the bassist on the last show of the tour. We’ve kinda come to expect that though when touring with big bands with dressing rooms on opposite sides of the venue. They were fantastic to watch every single night and our inner 16 year old selves were screaming with joy most of the time at the opportunity to play such big shows with such a popular band.

Is there a favourite song off Tremolow to play live?

So far we’ve only really been playing the released singles so we’re yet to really know what we will enjoy playing the most live yet. The Tremolow album tour will be the first time we play nearly everything on the record which is both exciting and scary. I’m expecting ‘Its Alright’ to be a real blast live.

What is the best activity to undertake while listening to Tremolow?

My favourite way to listen to records is on a big drive somewhere where you can’t do anything but listen to it completely, so maybe that!

You’ll be heading on your own run of shows in September, what are you most excited about with those?

We’ve been playing live shows for years now where people only really know at most half of the songs in our set. It’s such a clear change in vibe and reaction when we play songs people know so we are just really pumped to play a full set of those finally!

You’ll be playing with Hatchie for the full tour, how would you describe her music?

A noisey harmonic dream.

If you could have anything added to your rider, what would you have added?

A personal sushi chef.

What’s next for The Creases?

Just really focusing and enjoying the now for the time being. I get a bit crazy if I’m not writing new music and I’m already feeling a bit of that so I think hopefully we’ll get started on the next record soon too.

The Creases’ Tremolow is out now, and you can catch them on the road this September.

Friday, September 8th | Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Saturday, September 9th | Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Friday, September 15th | Howler, Melbourne

Saturday, September 16th | The Lair, Sydney

Friday, September 22 | The Zoo, Brisbane

Ayden Measham-Pywell

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