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The release of Aerial Love in February hailed the first new music from Daniel Johns in eight years, but it was greeted with confusion and indifference from his existing fans and hardly grazed the atmosphere of the Music World. Perhaps he should have considered putting Preach out first.Preach, the second track from the Aerial Love EP is a stronger track by far. Starting with an atmospheric piano, the track is shortly distinguished by a synthesised drum line and Johns’ voice reaching for a falsetto range he can barely maintain. It doesn’t seem to matter though, he sounds confident and comfortable in himself and is obviously enjoying it immensely.

The multi-layered harmonic vocals, sounding more like a team of choirboys than a 35-year-old man who used to be the growling feline frontman of Australia’s angriest grunge band, suit the track perfectly. The verses are stripped down, ethereal and thoughtful with little in the way of backing. The chorus ramps it up a bit with a louder drum track and the left hand coming into play on the piano, bringing in the lower registers to give it some body.

As Johns’ blasts out the almost inevitable line, “Now I sing to my own beat,” you find yourself thinking that isn’t such a bad thing. Sure, it sounds ever so slightly like Justin Timberlake, or even the crazily guitarless album Scream by Chris Cornell. In fact almost anything with some Timbaland involvement.

But it just goes to prove that change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and in the case of Preach I think Daniel Johns has proved that the leopard’s paint job has finished drying and he’s now ready to hunt a whole new species of music lovers.

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Dan Ladle

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