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DRAM’s not your typical rising hip hop superstar – with a perpetual grin and his beloved goldendoodle Idnit often in tow, his colorful music that runs fast and loose with inspiration makes DRAM truly one of a kind. We talk to him ahead of his Australian live debut.

How are you?

I can’t complain!

Where are you at the moment?

I’m in Beverly Hills, California.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

One of a kind!

Your mixtape had cover art featuring you defeating some kind of Godzilla type dinosaur thing. What kind of superhero would you be?

I’d be a superloverman – my superpower would be give love and love long after I’m gone. Superloverman!

Okay so I think we have something in common, we’ve both always wanted a dog. Tell me about your dog and what it was like finally finally getting him.

Yeah, Idnit. Idnit so cute! He’s a goldendoodle. He turned 2 on August 30th. Man like so the lady literally had a breeder operation for goldendoodles so when we got him, it was 8 weeks when we got him and I don’t know, it was just so cool when we got him. When we got to the house, I saw him and he knew. He knew that he was my dog! Never had a dog before. 

What was it like bringing him to the BET awards?

Oh man it was cool because people were literally…I don’t know, it wasn’t as much of a burden people may think or get worried about. Everyone showed so much love at the awards so it was cool.

I loved that Broccoli song, great knitwear in the video. How do you like to cook broccoli?

Well, I like it steamed with butter and salt. 

You’ve done some crazy collabs, like the one with Erykah Badu. What was it like working with the queen?

Oh man the queen man! The queen is one of my best friends in music, she’s amazing, very talented and an introduction of what’s to come between me and her, we’re actually working on an album together. Which is very exciting, she’s one of my main inspirations as well. 

This year’s been huge for you. What are some highlights so far?

Well, going on tour with Kendrick Lamar, being on the same stage as the rapper of a generation and an inspiration. For me, to be asked to tour, it was flattering and to be able to perform and get comfortable on that type of platform, this early in my career. I feel like it was good, and actively built up my profile. So pretty cool –  the highlight was the DAMN. tour.

You’re heading here for Falls and some shows in a few months. Will you be sticking around to see anyone play?

No, I’m only there for my show, I don’t care to watch anyone else’s but I’m definitely very excited to interact with the people, you know the energy and what I have to offer for the first time. Man I’m super excited for the first time!  I’m ready to geek the fuck out! I want to see a baby kangaroo and some [thick Australian accent] shrimp on the barbeh!

Finally, what new music / new artists are you hyping right now?

I love Trippie Redd, XXXtentacion, Chet Kelly – he’s nice and I’ve been listening to more and more of his shit – and 6LACK, he’s great. 

Catch DRAM at Falls Festival or at his Melbourne sideshow this Dec/Jan.

5 January | 170 Russell, Melbourne


Michelle He

Live music enthusiast. Always at gigs with my camera.