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Rounding out 2017 with an incredible lineup of music and art, Falls Festival kicked off once again in Lorne. The opening Boogie Nights showed off some of the best upcoming Australian acts as well a number of fan favourites with the annual costume party theme seeing every kind of costume from pita bread and hummus to Bowie. For those who got lucky with four day tickets, it was the perfect way to get the annual festival started.

Haiku Hands may have been missing a member, but showed off an impressive catalogue for a band known for one song alone. It was certainly a show that was in development, but one that is swimming in potential.

Photography by Michellefish

In matching track suits Total Giovanni delivered a funky set that got the bodies moving. The suggestion to the audience to take their drugs early may have been questionable advice, but it looked like the audience took it in stride. A small number of songs were well known but most earned their response through performance chops alone.

Confidence Man is hyped as one of the hottest acts of 2017 and their show proved exactly why. From soaring instrumentals to catchy bubblegum pop, the supergroup led by Janet and Sugar worked with ease under eclectic lights. They proved the power of dance and excitement, for whilst most of their tracks may be light on content material they were all perfectly designed for the live environment.

Returning to Falls after a long hiatus, Daryl Brathwaite hit the stage early in the evening with his classic hit Horses, charming the crowd with his charisma and good humour. Many being impressed by how well he held the audience despite his questionable relevance. Horses was of course a fantastic moment for those who appreciate the track, and even those who aren’t a fan of the memes wouldn’t question the powerful performance he gave. The crowd was filled with horse paraphernalia, including a pair of superfans with rubber horse head masks. 

Off their third album Quite Ferocity  The Jungle Giants set off a killer show. Working through content off each of their albums as well as EP material it was an impressively diverse set list for a quick festival slot. You’ve Got Something is a fan favourite, but it was remarkable seeing In the Garage in their live set given it’s distance from their catalogue.

Thundamentals teased the best side of Aussie hip hop, jumping straight into their early work to amp up the crowd. They bounced around the stage with an incredible energy, whipping out verses. It was a show that worked best if you were familiar with their work but Thundamentals showed that sometime confidence is all that is needed to win an audience over. It was a solid end to Boogie Nights at Falls, and set a high standard for day two.

Michelle He

Live music enthusiast. Always at gigs with my camera.