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Day 3 made sure that there was the opportunity to work the beers off, with both stages in full action the hill proving a good excuse for exercise.

The day was started off with a charming set from IV League whose indie pop to charm the socks off everyone present. Starting off a strong South Australian pair of acts, seven piece West Thebarton worked up the crowd with a set full of energy and stage presence, although it was remarkable that the members, each moving of their own free will, never collided.

Bad//Dreems stormed the day with their political pub rock with Ben Marwestrutting the stage whilst making oblique body shapes and fist pumping. The crowd was going nuts, and a quick comment about the songs kinda being about that crowd attitude was an interesting point. Stella Donnelly came back, filling in for a missing Methyl Ethyl member and slipped in perfectly. The set was a chilled one that encouraged gentle dancing and smiles all around.

Proving to be a highlight of lot only the day, but the festival itself, Jungle worked away at their funk inspired dance sound. The two piece picked up five extra touring members ensuring there was always something to watch on stage. Two unreleased songs teased their upcoming album and kept long-time fans on their toes.

Liam Gallagher’s out here promoting a new album, not surprisingly entitled As You Were, which also happens to be his everpresent catchphrase, but it’s the Oasis songs that the crowd were there for. His performance of Wonderwall, easily one of the most recognisable  had the crowd singing along in rapture. 

Fleet Foxes faced a restless crowd through no fault of their own. Their ethereal material was replicated in impressive quality for a festival set up, but it was a little late in the day for their angelic folk songs.

By that time of night those present simply wanted to dance, which The Kooks could help with. Working off their new The Best Of….So Far compilation The Kooks stuck to favourites from each of their album phases. It was a show that could simply be described as fun. The members had charisma and the songs just banged, plus a chance for the crowd to get involved with singalong favourite Seaside. Peking Duk got the crowd going with a mix of live and DJ tracks, plus incredible production with streamers and guest performers. 

Michelle He

Live music enthusiast. Always at gigs with my camera.