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There was a sense of familiarity in the air as Slowcoaching took the Curtin Hotel to launch his debut EP that was impressive for such an early release. Fans were not only keen to see his work, but remarkably well versed in the lyrics and material presented.

With three fifths of the band in mismatching stripes, Smoke Rings could have been trying to start a new fashion trend. But with Christmas themed banter the five piece charmed the audience. Their material sounded ace in a live format, and incorporating a double maracas drum stick combo showed a sense of abstract thinking that few get around. It was pretty staple rock for the most part, but it was drenched in a fun loving spirit that made it easy to engage with. It had much more energy than Slowcoaching’s recorded material, but in the long run that was a good sign. It was a solid set, and one that earned enough smiles in the room to know that more than a few people will be looking up Smoke Rings after this show.

The stage was packed for Slowcoaching’s set, with an excellent band allowing him to flesh out his material to a level that exceeds the recorded form. Each track sounded more energetic and charismatic than on the EP, with the honest nature of Slowcoaching’s lyrics becoming a more anthemic experience with each instrument added live. A sea of dance moves from the keyboardist on stage, and the humbled banter between tracks emphasised the human side of the work ensuring that it became an experience to truly remember. Pillars of Salt was played out second to last, proving to be a true highlight of the show with its catchy flow getting the bodies in the room moving. It would be hard to deny though the mutual appreciation of those present of Slowcoaching’s stunning cover of Paul Kelly’s How To Make Gravy that had the room singing along.

It was an outstanding performance that could have made even the unfamiliar a fan of Slowcoaching, but it felt like all those that were present were already in love. It’s easy to see a world where the band will be tackling bigger stages by the show, and that is something we can all look forward to.

Ayden Measham-Pywell

Tallest kid at every gig // Questionable dancer at best // twitter/instagram: ayds_on_toast