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The room filled out quickly for Vincent Sole’s first show, filling up the upstairs band room at the Gasometer Hotel long before he started. Lucky for those present however, Melbourne stunners Aeora and Yollks were ready to impress anyone listening.

Opening the night on a solo, folk inspired piece Yollks was ready to impress. She worked comfortably on stage, and added personality and rich textures to two covers. Her debut single, Return to Sender came out early and strong, setting off a performance that while unfamiliar to many in the room caught many letting off a groove. Being unreleased didn’t stop Flux from standing out, acting as a clear highlight for Yollks’ set.

Yollks by <a href="">Michellefish</a>
Yollks by Michellefish

Having been listed on the line-up for Canadian Music Week, tends to be a good sign for talent, but Aeora was more than happy to prove exactly why she’s waiting to be hot property. Her set was fleshed out with an amazing level of professionalism, with each track not only sounding amazing, but fitting the context of the set well. Small moments of grooving as she performed gave those there something to look at, as her voice fought through the conversations at the back to the room to hold attention. The number of people willing to whisper her a compliment after her set may have been a testament to how well she performed, but it’s hard to describe how impressive it was. The set closed on her latest single Boss-y and the powerful lyrics captured the minds of all present. It’s easy to see that Aeora has potentially oozing from her, the hardest part is waiting to see it all come out.

Aeora by <a href="">Michellefish </a>
Aeora by Michellefish

It’s hard to believe it was Vincent Sole’s first live show. He performed with such vigour it was hard not to be captivated. The tears in the front row may have been a tad excessive, but it was easy to see that those who knew Sole, were stoked to be there. There was an uncanny amount of familiarity behind each of his prior released tracks, making you wonder if he should have been playing shows earlier to build up the hype around his name. It’s certain that he has the performance chops to do so. His material was easy to consume, and worked well with this energetic style. He played enough that it felt live, but it could have been fleshed out a little better. In the future, it wouldn’t be surprising if the project became a two piece on stage, enabling Sole to be left with his microphone alone, for this is where he peaked in his performance. Each track stood out on its own, but it was hard to go past recent singles The Game and Deep End which offered highlights of the show.

Vincent Sole by <a href="">Michellefish</a>
Vincent Sole by Michellefish


Ayden Measham-Pywell

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