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Ahead of their Destiny/Reflect shows, we had a chat with GL about their double-a-side release, and the shows in support of the two tracks. 

How has the recording of Destiny/Reflect differed to the tracks off Touch?

The recording process was different in that we probably spent more time on each song as we only were working with two songs instead of the 14 on Touch, this meant we could focus in on those two. Destiny/Reflect have a lot more live instrumentation, live drums, percussion etc we involved a few more friends to play on the recordings which was nice. We also wanted to explore songs in a longer format, this allowed the groove to be and flow, build and breath.

What inspired Destiny, the first track off the release?

Destiny came together quite quickly, for me the melody and lyrics from the first or second try though stuck and so we went with it. I love the bass in this song it drives it along. Lyrically it’s about support structures and community how we have to look out for each other and love each other.

You are playing larger headline shows than previously to support the tracks, is that an exciting prospect for you?

Very excited to play these larger iconic venues, it’s such a privilege to see our creations reach a larger audience and we always make new friends along the way.

Each of your shows tend to contain some strong fashion elements, how key is fashion to the GL image?

I enjoy how costume can create a character that maybe you can’t be in your everyday life. Embrace the Diva! Very lucky to have worn some beautiful custom pieces made by Melbourne designer duo VOVO.

You’ll be playing with Fortunes in both Melbourne and Sydney, can you recommend a song for those unfamiliar with the act?

Hero Man is a stunner!

What’s next for GL?

We are going to Europe for the first time which is very exciting!

Whether you’ve been following GL for years, or these are the tracks you got into them through, it’s well worth checking them out on the upcoming tour. Full of energy and charisma, they’re to be seen to be believed.

Saturday, July 8th | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Saturday, July 15 | The Corner Hotel, Sydney

Ayden Measham-Pywell

Tallest kid at every gig // Questionable dancer at best // twitter/instagram: ayds_on_toast