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I am intrigued by the title of Holy Holy‘s new single You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog. If you call for love like a dog, do you only get a bitch in return? Perhaps. Philosophical interpretations aside, Holy Holy’s new track is all torrid power rock with an anguished edge. Turn it up loud.    

You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog is super intense, quick-beating rock with wailing 80s-esque guitar work from just awesome lead guitarist Oscar Dawson. Confusion, aggression, frustration; that’s the vibe pulsing through the unrelenting rhythm of the song. Lead singer Timothy Carroll’s vocal, usually so warm, sounds perfectly cutting and snide. So searing and scorching, this track makes dog lovers want to take puppies by the collar and kick them to the curb. With Holy Holy’s debut album coming up soon, I’m itching to find out what’s coming up next.

Here is some free advice fellas; take Holy Holy’s word for it and never call for love like a dog. If you do, expect a snarling bitch to come howling back at you. Call for love like a lion instead. Fortune favours the brave; you might just get a kitten in return.

Watch the video here:

Annelise Ball