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On the brink of releasing his debut EP, Rainy Weather Music, we quiz wunderkind rapper Charlie Threads, who hails from outer eastern Melbourne, about his favourite local acts. 


These guys are seriously way too dope, they sound like how love feels. I believe in what these dudes do to the fullest. the vibe they set in a room is incredible.


She’s an absolute gem, undeniable talent. Can’t express how bright the future is for her, if you’re reading this, Kaiit, I think you’re tight as fuck! That voice is crazy!



This is my brother man, Marz is one of the stars in this Melbourne sky, no matter where or when he plays it moves you. Nobody is ready for what he’s got. He puts a crazy amount of effort into how his live performance is interpreted and it really shows!


Dyl! this guy is a serious legend, all the way from the studio to the stage he just destroys, But more importantly he’s just a genuine dude and that means a lot. This new acoustic shit is gonna blow some minds!



This trio are some of the most talented people I’ve heard, and they are from my home town of Gembrook wich is dope. So much potential for greatness, I can’t wait to watch them blossom listening to songs like Underwater. Much love to them!

Catch Charlie Threads lighting up Boney for the launch of his debut EP, Rainy Weather Music, next Thursday 5 October. 

Michelle He

Live music enthusiast. Always at gigs with my camera.