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Golden Vessel’s brilliant, lowkey electropop consistently catches our attention, but it’s with his debut EP that he’s really coming into his own. We pick his brain on the best new music around town.


I absolutely love this gem of a song. At first I was a little taken aback by the production of the song but have since fallen in love with it’s lo-fi-ness and simplicity flowing around E^ST’s beautiful melodies and story.


One of my favourite songs from 2017 hands down. Since it’s come out too I’ve been throwing around the Diderot theory in conversation wayyyy too much. Elkkle explained it when he supported me on tour last year and it makes me feel smarter.


You can tell on this song that HTMLflowers and Banoffee are really comfortable around each other and you can hear the history of their friendship. That’s my favourite type of music. I love really simple pop melodies over dissonant beats.


Might’ve made the beat for this song haha but Akurei is my best friend and he’s gonna make 2018 his and Nico Ghost is incredible and it was fun to make


How is it that Tim from Cubbies is able to find so many unique melodies that feel timeless? How can a man be so angelic? 

Catch Golden Vessel touring his brilliant EP across the East Coast and listen to his sensual new track with Emerson Leif below.

3rd February | The Foundry, Brisbane

8th February | Gasometer, Melbourne

9th February | Hudson Ballroom, Sydney



Michelle He

Live music enthusiast. Always at gigs with my camera.