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One of the more unique producers floating around at the moment, Ribongia has been producing unique pieces that have been easy to get into, and hold a strong identity of their own. So we asked him, where is home and what does it sound like?

For Ribongia, home is Firenze – la culla del rinascimento! Translated to English – the cradle of the renaissance.

This stunning small old city is the home of so many masterpieces. From Brunelleschi’s “Duomo”, Michelagnelo’s “David” and Botticelli’s “The Birth Of Venus”. To think that was the backdrop of my teen years is kinda crazy. Not to mention the countryside where I grew up. Now that I’m here writing about my hometown, it makes me incredibly proud to have come from such a place.

Obviously the artists I mentioned are now dead and the glory days are now long gone, but this pile of old terracotta buildings and marble statues managed to still produce some of the most relevant electronic artists in Europe to this day.

Clap! Clap! – he’s our biggest and brightest export without a doubt. Not only has he had a huge impact on the Italian scene, but I think he’s made such waves in Europe and worldwide that now “Afrocentric” music is one of hottest things around. Proud to call him one of my best mates.


Ckrono & Slesh – man these dudes are the funnest people to be around. Roudy and loud, these boys are local legends DJ-ing all around Italy and throwing the best parties in Florence.

Populous – to me, is one the most elegant producers out there. He has an exquisite feel for simplicity. Ok he’s not from Florence but he’s a homie and his music is magic. Get across it!

Nan Kole – Ok I don’t know this dude (yet) and he’s not from Florence either, but the guy is a gun. Originally from Rome, although now a resident of London, he’s been a major player in the expansion of Durban’s Gqom in the UK club scene.


DJ Khalab is another Roman doing it right. He’s an actual Don of the Italian music scene. He runs a radio show on national radio Radio2 and has been responsible for spreading so many great worldly vibes back into Italy.

Ribongia recently released the Before The Winter/Sonder split, that we have spent too many nights and days dancing along to.  From the tropical tinge of Before the Winter Comes featuring the wonderful vocal work of Jannah Beth and YoungstaCPT to the more club friendly sounds of Sonder they are tracks to get onto if you haven’t already.

Ayden Measham-Pywell

Tallest kid at every gig // Questionable dancer at best // twitter/instagram: ayds_on_toast