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It was a jam packed week for releases, with Raave Tapes surging back, and alt favourites Tired Lion and DZ Deathrays reminding us why we love them. A rare release from Frances Rose is an exciting moment for synth pop fans, and Bully are teasing us with a second album. 


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

Not since the early days of DZ Deathrays has a band done dance punk so well, and with K Bye it seems Raave Tapes are hear to change the world with their sound. “I don’t know what you said to me, but it sounded like ketamine” could be one of the best hooks around, with the perfect blend of novelty value and it’s ability to cut through the scruffy, yet perfectly arranged messiness of the track. The release is noisy and fun, but holds all the trademarks of a track that we’ll hear in five years time, and be thrown back to our very first listen. It packs the party of your dreams into a two and a half minute bite, and it seems that they are only just getting ready to take over the world.


By Alexandra Ainsworth

Perth four-piece Tired Lion have released their latest single, Fresh, ahead of the release of their next record, Dumb Days. It’s the second single off the album, coming off the huge success of previous release Cinderella Dracula. Fresh sees lead Sophie Hopes diving headfirst into her trademark vocals, closely backed by Ethan Darnell on drums and Matt Tanner on guitar. There are a couple moments in the song where Hopes shows off her gentler side, with her full range of vocals on display, but before anyone gets too comfortable, we’re thrown straight into the band doing what they do best: going full force.


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

An ethereal introduction, balanced with Aphir‘s voice, it’s hard not to be drawn into Can’t ComfortThe piece teases an inner strength, before featuring surging beats around the still delicate vocals. As delightful as the lyrical work is, the real joy of the Can’t Comfort comes in the shimmering production, full of nuanced elements waiting to be unraveled. It’s an exciting release, and one that is perfect to warm up dreary winter mornings, keeping us comfortable as we wait for the next release from Aphir.



By Alexandra Ainsworth

The name DZ Deathrays is already synonymous with fast-paced riffs and mosh-inducing lyrics, but latest track Shred for Summer cements their place as one of the best punk outfits currently on offer. Parsons and Ridley have manage to create the perfect blend of trash, rock, punk, and pop in one song, making it hard to believe that behind all the noise is just two guys on drums and guitar. It’s four minutes worth of shredding that could tempt any uninitiated to at least try head banging


By Alexandra Ainsworth

Bully have dropped latest single Feel the Same, a lo-fi ode to modern love. It’s a two part story in which lead Alicia Bognanno starts by gently coaxing us into her tragically mundane storyline. As we more comfortable with each other, she pulls out the heavy hitting vocals, backed by guitars and drums to really drive home the lyrics. Airy guitars turn into riff machines as a tonal change brings out the classic rock sound we’re used to hearing from the band. Despite being less than 2 minutes long, Feel the Same is a surprisingly emotional song about feeling nothing at all. 


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

New York based sisters, and synth pop duo Frances Rose is back with Ready My Body. The track is a surprise release, we hear unfortunately little from the pair, who offer vocals that surge with power but can be dialed down to an honest tone with ease. Ready My Body is the perfect anthemic piece. It’s as open to a kitchen dance off as it is a morning pick me up. There is an impressive versatility to the piece, and one that we rarely seem to see so well done in upfront pop releases. It’s the first release from the pair in nearly a year, so to say we’re craving more would be an understatement, hopefully the next wait won’t be as long.