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We’re in December now and the releases are winding up…but we’ve found some fresh cuts for you to sink into. 


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

It’s not just the accompanying visuals to Leyya‘s latest single – Drumsolo – that are quirky. The funky synth pop track utilises dream tinged vocal styling and a squelching beat to ensure listeners remain hypnotised. The track is rich in textures, each swirled together to create a truly unique piece to listen to. It takes until the very last moments to get the promised drum solo, but that certainly doesn’t mean the rest of the track goes to waste. Leyya plays with sounds and structure in such an exciting way that you almost forget the title of the song. It’s a strong release from Leyya, and has us eagerly waiting for what comes next. 


By Alexandra Ainsworth

Moving away from his trademark electric guitar, Machine Age has been experimenting with new sounds for latest track, Fighting. In an early 2000s-esque beat driven number, the Brisbane artist has expanded his horizons by creating an intense soundscape that steadily builds into an impressive expression of sound. Layered vocals and raging synths give the track a depth that is amplified with a mash of instrumenal about halfway through, throwing us further into the eerily encapsulating parts of electronica not often explored.



By Ayden Measham-Pywell 

Nightwave is back and ready to get the body moving with her stunning, rave meets house release Limelight. The lyrics act almost only as a decoration over the faux-glitchy beats that keep the body moving. As at track, it offers a good balance of rhythm and melody, giving a solid kick along to make sure there is something to keep you energised whilst the melodies dance over the top. Whilst the track ticks along for five minutes, it could easily be dragged along for that double the time in a way only the most delicately structured pieces can. While the lyrics may not add a lot to the song, they do offer a nice icing to the puzzles of synths and drums that build the track up. Limelight is a perfect song to get the party going, or even just to kick a day off, and in all honesty, that’s all its really trying to do. 



By Alexandra Ainsworth

Sydney duo Vallis Alps’ new song, So Settled, boasts a bright and tropical sound perfect for Summer. It’s a near-acoustic song that challenges that minimal production the band has become known for. The two have managed to balance touching lyrics with an upbeat instrumental, the result being a dreamy yet bittersweet mixture of sounds that feels completely refreshing.



By Michelle He

Husky vocals, delicate fingerpicking and profound lyrics makes Tyne-James Organ the spiritual successor to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Ben Howard, until the electric guitars and the pounding drums kick in and it becomes much more than just Organ’s ground-spice voice. Then it’s very Bears Den, but there’s something all his own in the delicate falsettos and the way it dips in and out of big percussion and electric guitar moments.


Ayden Measham-Pywell

Tallest kid at every gig // Questionable dancer at best // twitter/instagram: ayds_on_toast