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Freshen up your Monday with new Aeora, Rackett, Cut Copy and more.


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

The demo versions of Fenceline have been floating through Aeora‘s live show for a while now, but as the official release comes so does the excitement. Now sounding bigger and more impressive than ever, the track surges in power becoming a true showstopper. With Aeora’s vocal capacity surging to new heights, coupled with beats that grow with every moment, it becomes a piece to be empowered by. The lyrics touch on topics of vulnerability but the existence of the track expresses the ability to overcome these moments. It’s an inspirational piece that follows on from the stunning Boss-y, together of which show that Aeora is on a track to be one of the best of the darker pop acts in Australia. 


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

Following on from their energetic Ready or Not the Rackett are back with the third single of their upcoming EP. Prey is a totally different affair from what we’ve heard so far from the band so far. An almost innocent, playful affair, more apt for a extended swaying session than the partying energy offered up with their previous work. It’s good to see the band not only tease a new side to their sound, but to do so so well. Listening to this, it would be easy to think it as a whole new band, but the vocal traits glue the bands different sounds together. It’s an exciting release, that makes us all the more keen for the release of their Ready or Not EP later this year. 


By Alexandra Ainsworth

Cut Copy have released their latest single Airborne, the first track from what we’re hoping will be a follow up record to 2013’s epic Free Your Mind.

The almost disjointed space-y jam, produced by Ben Allen (Deerhunter, Animal Collective), is a combinations of all the best parts of Cut Copy: top notch synth and percussion with just enough of funk to keep us involuntarily nodding along, a little bit of piano and vocals just before the last beat drop, and of course, an epic chorus which I guarantee will be stuck in your head for a minimum of three days.



By Ayden Measham-Pywell

All that Glitters is the third release from Vylet and highlights her ethereal style to a new level. A piece that despite a minimalist approach has a shimmering nature to it showcases the talent stashed away. The dreamy vocals perfectly match the production that ebbs and flows around the ears. Despite being over four and a half minutes long, the track simultaneously feels to last forever, as well as be over in a moment. Each element sits comfortably around those next to it creating a seamless experience to listen to. 


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

We’ve all been told that school is tough, but Tiny Little Houses may have done the best job yet with their single Garbage Bin. Retelling the realisation of being at loss in the world, the track highlights the desire to have a direction whilst being lost in options that really don’t appeal. It tackles the emotional turmoil of self discovery, all behind the cruisey alt rock sounds that so clearly define the band’s work. Lyrically, it’s probably a bit more in depth for them, moving into a realm of more elaborate verses, and it’s an exciting time for the band and fans. It clearly heralds the release of new music, and to be honest, we can’t wait.