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Treat yourself to our favourite new releases this week. 


By Alexandra Ainsworth

Multi-instrumentalist LANKS has released his latest track My Own Mystery in collaboration with soulful singer Ngaiire. While the synth, percussion, and production are all top-notch, it’s the vocals from both LANKS and Ngaiire that are in the spotlight. Their smooth back and forth ranges from soft and vulnerable to impressively confident and everything in between. The two work together to seamlessly blend a whirlwind of emotions in a beautifully packaged track that redefines the word magical.


By Ayden Measham-Pywell

A thumping percussive intro is an interesting way to enter a dreamy synth pop track, but That Gum U Like use it well in Killer. With eighties tinged synth work and spaced out vocals, the track oozes with technicolour energies. It wraps its way around the head with an infectious beat and irregular structuring. Like an unexpected run of waves, a shimmering synthetic peak interspersed through the track ensure that listeners are kept on their toes as the track ticks along. Whilst the production of the track very much holds it all together, the vocal work is that icing to the cake that makes it all so good. It adds a sweet touch to the release, giving it a sense of humanity over the distinctly electronic soundscape. In Killer That Gum U Like create an almost perfectly structured release, and in doing so have created a track that whilst may not be a party hit so much, more or less holds all the trademarks of being timeless. 


By Michelle He

Opening with spooky, deeply orchestral organ sounds, TAPZ’s new one feels like it arrived just a month too late because it would have been perfect for Halloween. His flow is spot-on as always, but the real star of this track is the vaulting synth sounds (organs) that give it a religious doomsday feel. If said religious doomsday was also a trap party in an abandoned train station.



By Ayden Measham-Pywell

Backed by funky horn work, So Vain is a fun and engaging piece form Verge Collection. It’s cynical in the best kind of way, and allows the vocal work to shine in its simplistic format. It may be a reasonably simple track to listen to, but So Vain is a track that handles naunced layers with a sense of causal ease, hiding the complexity of structure. It’s under two minutes of goodness, but it’s the kind of track that feels great every time you touch it, and suitable for nearly all situations. 



By Alexandra Ainsworth 

In a dreamy electro-pop track whose lyrics hit a little too close to home, this Bedfordshire five-piece have honed in on their vocals to produce a laid-back version of a party anthem. A slow build climaxes into a smooth groove that hooks you in before you have a chance to think about it. Balancing delicate synths and keys under silky vocals that are continuously layered over themselves, Haelyum suddenly pull out a stripped back bridge right before the final chorus, emphasising just how catchy that chorus is.