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Sara and Gabrielle caught up with new electronic music duo Super Cruel between the release of their new single, November ft. Lisa Mitchell and ahead of their Splendour debut.You guys live in different cities. What’s it like collaborating this way?

Jesse Porsches: You know what? It’s easy enough, but I prefer being there in person when collaborating. When we work together or even when I work with other people- it’s just being together, and coming up with something. Whereas, like, emailing an idea kind of just elongates the process.

Tigerilla: I think we do it pretty well -like we try and do most of the writing when we are together. But, there has been times when we send each other ideas, but I don’t think they’ll be a time when we are not finishing ideas together. It’s more important to do it together; I mean this all came about by us meeting in person.

How did you guys meet?

Jesse Porsches: We met on Tinder [laughs]

Tigerilla: He swiped right!

Jesse Porsches: Tinder for musicians – a million dollar idea.

Tigerilla: Nah, we actually met in Cam Bluff’s studio in Melbourne. I was just doing some writing there and Jesse was around and then we just decided to jump into the studio together. Next time we were both in the same city, we did!

Jesse Porsches: And yeah! We wrote November on that first day.

You collaborated with Lisa Mitchell on your first single ‘November’. What brought you guys to her?

Jesse Porsches: Again, Tinder! [laughs]

Tigerilla: Jesse always gets good matches! Lisa’s voice is absolutely unbelievable, me and Jesse were borderline dying in the studio listening to how good she was. Lisa if you’re reading this- thankyou! Our A&R label is the same as hers, so it was a good bridge for us to get someone like that. Her team and herself were really forthcoming- which was amazing. Some people I’ve worked with in the past sometimes just do it ‘for the sake of it’ but she was really in it for the love. You could even tell in the studio, there was just this great energy and it happened and here we are now!

You guys are playing Splendour in the Grass this year!

Tigerilla: Splendour bender!

Jesse Porsches: Yes yes yes!

Have you guys been playing live together?

Jesse Porsches: We actually haven’t!

Tigerilla: We are always together out at our solo shows, so it feels like we have- but we haven’t! For Splendour, though obviously we’ll be really well prepped for that! Unless something comes up, Splendour will be our first official show together.

Can we expect an EP from you guys?

Jesse Porsches: We were actually aiming to get an EP out before splendour! But, now the goal is to just get a single out before Splendour. We’ve got a lot of content but are really just trying to get the music together and be really thorough. We’d rather put one song out than a few that we’re not completely stoked with.

Tigerilla: Having said that though, it’s definitely in the works.


Clive Palmer



Tigerilla: Sometimes there are sounds in there that are just scary!

Socks and Sandals

Tigerilla: Super Cool, I wear my socks with slides.

Jesse Porsches: Super Cruel.

Pineapple on pizza

Tigerilla: Super Cruel – I love pineapple but not on pizza

Jesse Porsches: Super Cool – we ain’t friends anymore, take your Birkenstocks and socks and get outta here!

Miley Cyrus’ Malibu

Tigerilla: Super Cool

Jesse Porsches: Super Cruel. I can’t remember it – I can’t remember the song after listening, I’ve seen bad girl Miley and now I can’t forget it – she can go back to ‘rocking ball’.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Tigerila: Her new stuff? Meh (super cruel). I might change my mind.

Jesse Porsches: [to Gabrielle] She likes it and she seems like she has good taste so, Super Cool.

Photography by Gabrielle Clement

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