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TOP TRACKS | 01.04.16

Welcome to the new month everyone! Easter is over, we’re all probably still trying to work off all of that chocolate and maybe some of these tracks will give you the groove to do it.

Sans Parents | Can’t Stop Moving

Kicking off this weeks Top Tracks is the group known as Sans Parents. This track is really rather pop-y. It’s got that nice indie-pop feel to it where you can either listen to it laid back enjoying a drink with mates or you could be on the dancefloor smashing the mosh pit to the track. No matter what way you take it, you’ll definitely enjoy the track.

Luxley | Dance Baby

DAT BEAT! The song is called Dance Baby and seriously I’m not sure how anyone could stop themselves from dancing to this track. Luxley teams golden vocals with the infectious layering of tribals drums, soaring synths together it’s a killer track to its core! I will be dancing all weekend long to this one.

Royal Teeth | Kids Conspire

Kids Conspire by Royal Teeth has definitely earned its place in my top tracks for the week. Since I first heard it at the beginning of the week it’s already gotten 83 spins on my iPod, so I feel like that’s a testament to its infectious nature. The chorus is this large anthemic masterpiece that fills your heart with a childlike sense of adventure. Royal Teeth are digging into some gold material.

Mirror Mask | Always

There’s something very Depeche Mode about Mirror Mask’s track and it’s something I absolutely love. It’s got that kind of dark, moody, indie-rock slow jam feel to it which gets you hooked in from the start. I feel like I could totally see these guys playing big theatre venues with this track, it has that feel of grandeur about it.

The James Rocket | We Are Here For You

I hope no one takes this the wrong way but this is giving me some serious The O.C Baitshop feels. Like you remember those epic early 00’s indie rock bands that you discovered tucked inside the soundtrack to the TV show? Well if this was early 00’s I’ve got to imagine these guys would have a place there. Very upbeat, fun indie rock that’s lovable and danceable. Solid Yass from me.

Huntly | We Made It

And the winner of this weeks sexy slow jam award goes to the mesmerising Huntly for their track We Made It. There are some seriously deep grooves going on with this track that’s for sure. This is 4 and a half minutes of pure sexified jams. It’s a very kind of dark, silky sexy but it’s one that seems perfect for Sunday mornings laying in bed.

Benji Lewis | Night & Day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. Benji Lewis’s falsetto could induce pregnancy in every woman within a 200-metre radius. This time teamed up with a more hard EDM vibe than his previous released Night & Day seems poised to take over the club playlists and get the whole place shaken to it’s core.

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