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Surrounding the release of their Wild and Weak EP and hotly anticipated tour, we had a chat to Tom from WAAX about the release, and what it’s like being part of the band. The band picked out some favourite tunes to go along side, and let you get to know them better.

Current song you’ve got on repeat?

High Enough by K-Flay

Album you’ve been waiting to buy?

That new Smith Street Band record has been on my Spotify all week, time to pick up a copy, I think.

Which song do you resonate most with on the Wild and Weak EP?

‘You Wouldn’t Believe’. Not sure if it’s because I love playing it so much or because of the actual content. I’ve heard it too many times to know. 

Most hardcore moment shooting a music video?

Maz fell on the spiky horn mask thing from the I For an Eye video, either that or hour 16 from the Same Same shoot – literal hell.

Resident comedian in WAAX?

We are not one but many. What I mean is that the inside jokes run so deep it’s hard to pinpoint a main contributor. If I had to pick I’d probably say Chris.

Dream collab?

Hmmm Maybe LCD Soundsystem, or all of the members from Crooked Vultures \M/

True or False – are Cheezels just round Twisties?

OMG!!!!!! Incredibly false. Have you even had both? The textures are so different! If they actually are the same thing then I’ll be very embarrassed. Actually I can just google it….. I checked, they’re not!


Can you recommend some songs to listen to? Something wild, and something beautifully weak.


Wild – Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount by Aphex Twin

An intense experience sonically and musically.


Weak – Talk to Me by Brightness.

Minimal, gentle and cathartic. Talk to Me is a song about inexperience especially in younger people and how you should feel ashamed about it.


Wild – Me and your Mama by Childish Gambino

A slow build gives way to a massive rise that becomes truly wild.

Weak –  Save Me by Gotye

A cry for help at his weakest, vulnerable and raw.



Wild – Scissored in OZ by Ryanosaurus

A unique track from Ryanosaurus which turns wild in the middle where the bpm gets kicked up a notch and your face melts off.

Weak – Music by Cornelius

One of the standout tracks from Cornelius’s Sensuous album. This slow burner in 6/4 takes you on a journey that carries you along a soft and cosy cloud of J-pop



Wild – Magnolia by Gang of Youths

It feels to me that this song encapsulates being wild and throwing sense out the window.

Weak – Feel by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is low in this song. He is feeling sorry for himself and totally alone in the world. Too weak to be in control of his feelings and instead he’s blaming everyone and everything for his problems.


Wild – We Play the Music by Ed Solo / Skool of Thought

Mostly I love this song because of its infectious instrumentation, but the whole thing is made of good vibes. The overarching theme is that everyone should love each other, which is a pretty wild concept these days.

Weak – Inside Voices by Mallrat

Bit of love for Brisbane’s fav rap/pop up and comer. When do we feel weaker than when we’re isolated and left out? Surprisingly articulate lyrics for such a youngin that are much more sombre than the tracks up beat vibe lets on.

Leila Maulen